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A homecoming of sorts

Syria Aliamb

Today was an amazing day in Syria, starting with a visit to the world's largest intact Roman amphitheatre and ending with the most amazing reception held for us by Bahrain's Ambassador H.E. Waheed Mubarak Al Sayar. In the morning, we left Damascus and headed to the ancient city of Bosra, site of the amphitheatre. Later Zakaria took us to his restaurant where we had a delicious home-cooked meal. We returned to Damascus and a group of us went back to the Suq El-Hamidiyeh and ate homemade Arabic ice cream. The highlight of the day was the reception that the Bahrain Embassy organized for the Friendship Arabia team. It was covered by all the major newspapers who sent their reporters and photographers. The reception was held at a restaurant that was said to be the best in town and attendance was great. We had the chance to talk to the Bahraini Ambassador about our trip. Almost all members of Friendship Arabia were interviewed by the press, amid a frenzy of photo-flashes.

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