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Island of Pearls to Island of Mastic 2018

Island of Pearls to Island of Mastic 2018 From the Island of Pearls to the Island of Mastic Crossing Saudi Arabia From Turkey to Chios Day 37 Day 38 Day 39 Day 40 Day 41 Day 42 Day 43 Day 44 Day 45 Day 65 : Time to say good bye

Tylos to Thassos 2010

Tylos to Thassos 2010 A New Voyage of Discovery Greek Coins from the Tylos era Tylos to Thassos – The Journey Begins Saudi hospitality to the fore again Rediscovering the old town of Bosra Taking a trip back in Time Bronze Age Discoveries Making news in Syria The ancient sight of Palmyra Afamia rich in […]

Gulf Tour 2009

Gulf Tour 2009 Retracing some famous footsteps Start of new gulf tour A Very Rainy Day In Muscat Oman’s Spectacular Forts A Tast of Omani Hospitality Oman’s Terrain A Study In Contrasts Four Beaches in a day! The Incredibly Hospitable Omanis Farewell To Fabulous Oman

Taking a F1 break

Posted On : 25 May 2008   After entering Jordan yesterday, we spent a night in Amman before driving to Petra in the morning. TV presenter Maria Ramos and radio personality David Bloomer joined us in Amman, and David has already done his first tour reports for Radio Bahrain. We are currently watching the Monaco […]

Wonderful start to tour

Posted On : 24 May 2008   As soon as we took off, the  Bahraini couple next to me on the airplane who I’d never met before offered me a packet of crisps! I was so touched and felt that it’s this humanity that I love so much about Bahrain. And what a great start […]


JORDAN Wonderful Start to Tour Taking a F1 Break Picture perfect Little Petra Great day for photographs Petra continues to captivate Making history in Petra A treat for the senses The magic of Wadi Rum Our last full day together…

Saudi Arabia

Ali crosses Saudi Arabia Posted On : 24 May 2008 Ali and his initial crew – journalist Taha Alawi and photographers Ammar Hammad and Haider Rafiey – have driven through the Saudi desert and are now in Jordan where they have been joined by TV presenter Maria Ramos and radio personality David Bloomer. Asked if he […]

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