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Goodbye Maria, hello Syria

Jordan Mint - Tea

After a wonderful six days touring Jordan, the Friendship Arabia team is now in Damascus, Syria. Earlier today, we packed our bags in Amman and got ready for the two-hour drive across the border. En route, we stopped by the Roman amphitheater in downtown Amman and it was a spectacular sight. After that we went over the hill overlooking the old city to do interviews with departing team member and Bahrain TV correspondent Maria Ramos. We said our goodbyes to Maria who was the heart and soul of the group while we were in Jordan. Our stay in Jordan was something out of the ordinary. We enjoyed it so much it made it hard to leave for our next destination. Our six-day stay didn't do the country justice, we hope we get the chance to discover more of its hidden treasures. Crossing the border to Syria went very smoothly and we ended up with some time to visit the ancient city of Bosra. Unfortunately we reached only minutes after it was closed to visitors, but we had the chance to take a few photos and talk to the local people there. We met Zakaria who owns a restaurant that transforms into a hostel for backpackers after closing hours. He gave us some background history about the city and offered to take us for a more extensive tour of the city at a later time. We reached our hotel at about 9:00 at night and got to meet our tour guide Amjad who will be with us during our stay in Syria.

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