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The start of a new tour
Tourism on fast track
Day 1 The journey to Qatar
From sea of plastic to a sight to see
Day 2 Fascinating stopover at museum
Day 3 The long drive to Al Buraymi
Day 4 Dubai as vibrant as ever
Day 5 Through another 5 Emirates!
Day 6 Modernity with a cultural soul
Picture-perfect panoramas
Day 7 A hotel simply unlike any other
Day 8 Pearls, glorious pearls
Day 9 Fjords take the breath away
Day 10: The call of the mountain
Day 11: Highway star, Omani style
Day 12: An oh-so-lucky Friday the 13th
Day 13: A fitting end to latest tour
Day 14: A day to give thanks
Day 15: Oman, a fond goodbye
Day 16: Back in Bahrain
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