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Syria Camels

Today, some of the team went back to once more walk through the main market, while others visited a craft market close to an ancient mosque. Apart from leather products, pottery, baskets and handmade jewellery, there was also a small glass blowing workshop. At noon, we left Damascus for Maaloula, a small mountain village. Its main attraction is the monastery, St. Serge. From here we started our journey to Palmyra, situated some 200km northeast of Damascus. Two thirds into the journey, we stopped for refreshments at a very original restaurant, Bagdad Cafe 66. The cafe has a souvenir shop and part of its attraction is that you can dress up in traditional Arabic costumes and have your picture taken. Outside, you can also view an original Bedouin tent. When we arrived at Palmyra, the sun was about to set and we headed straight to its famous attraction, the magnificent ruins of an ancient metropolis which was ruled by the Queen Zenobia in the 3rd century AD.

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